Housing facilities close at 8 PM on Friday December 19th, 2014 for Fall Semester. Housing facilities reopen at 9 AM on Sunday, January 18, 2015 for Spring Semester.

Contracts for newly admitted students for Fall 2015 will be available on February 1st, 2015.


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Housing Security

UMD Housing Security is a team comprising of UMD students promoting a safe living environment in the residence halls and campus apartments.

Housing security is on duty every day of the week from midnight to 8:00 a.m. the following morning and can be reached any time by dialing 7381 in the residence halls, and 1234 for the apartments.

Security Mission Statement

Emphasize prevention, communication, and cooperation when working with residents, Resident Advisors, and Campus Police. The main focus of Residence Life Security is Prevention. We work in partnership with our residents by recognizing safety over convenience, thus helping to protect the entire living community. We accomplish this by keeping a strong line of communication open with Resident Advisors and helping residents understand the ways we work with them.


UMD Housing Security Safety Tips:

  1. Door Propping
    Do not prop the outside doors open. It jeopardizes the security of the building, and more importantly, the residents.
  2. First Floor Windows
    Be sure to keep your own windows locked when you are not home or when you are sleeping if you live on the first floor. Please close first floor windows in study lounges when finished using them.
  3. Lock Outs
    If you lock yourself out of your apartment you will need to get an extra key from 189 LSH with deposit of your I.D. Office hours are 8:00 am until 6:00 pm, Monday-Friday. After hours, you can wait until your roommate(s) returns, or contact your Resident Advisor. From Midnight to 8:00 am, you may contact Security, who will wake one of your Resident Advisors to unlock your door.
  4. Lock Ups
    Outside Doors are locked at 10:00 pm and unlocked between 7-8:00 am the following day. Be sure to carry your keys with you.
  5. UMD Safewalk
    UMD Safewalk is a service provided through two student organizations to accompany students on campus and to adjacent areas. Their hours are 8:00pm until 11:00pm Sunday through Thursday. They can be reached at extension 6100.

Other Safety Tips

  1. Keep your doors locked.
  2. Keep your curtains closed at night
  3. Let your roommates know when you're going to be gone.
  4. Note and record the serial numbers of all valuables in you residence.
  5. Do not keep large amounts of cash in your room/apartment.
  6. If you see anything suspicious call the RA's, Security, or Campus Police immediately.
  7. Use the peep hole to see who is at your door before opening it.

Safety tips for living in the Residence Halls:

  1. Lock your door at all times. Never leave it unlocked even if you will only be down the hall. Don't let people into your section that you don't know.
  2. Do not display your phone number on your door.
  3. Propped doors are a burglar's best friend.
  4. Make sure section and outside doors are closed securely—unprop all doors.
  5. Don't walk alone at night! Walk with a friend or call UMD Safe Walk at 218-726-6100.
  6. Remember- Security people are here to ensure that you remain safe!



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