New Employee Welcome & Orientation

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Welcome to UMD!

When you start your career here at UMD, there will be a lot of things you will need to learn.

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Top Ten Tips to Start Your First Week at UMD

  1. Meet your co-workers and sign up for the New Employee Orientation
  2. Tour the Campus & view the Multicultural Center
  3. Review UMD's Welcome website
  4. Find your building
  5. Route your travel. Review UMD's parking lot options or bus stops available
  6. Read about Benefits eligibility
  7. Activate employee email account which is your x.500, 218-726-8847
  8. Apply for U Card -127 Kirby Plaza, 218-726-8814
  9. Get a parking permit - 245-B Kirby Plaza, 218-726-7526
  10. Sign up for direct deposit