Temporary Office Services

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Temporary Office Service (TOS)

The Temporary Office Service (TOS) program is UMD's own temporary help agency managed by the UMD Department of Human Resources and Equal Opportunity. It offers the services of qualified temporaries and fill in temporary job requests of UMD departments on a short notice.

TOS Coordinator will complete all payroll documents and approve time submitted by TOS Staff.

How to Request a TOS

  • Department/Supervisor will need to complete the online TOS Request Form.
  • We ask that at the end of an assignment, the supervisor fills out the TOS Evaluation Form and submit to TOS Coordinator. This will help our department keep track of performance.

Temporary and Casual Appointment

TOS Employees are Temporary and Casual employees (i.e., classifications 0001) and are covered by the human resources policy on temporary and casual appointments. Temporary and casual appointments are normally not eligible for annual pay increases.

To learn more of the following topics please visit Twin Cities Office of Human Resources website:

Rate of Pay and Department Charge

UMD HR&EO charges 10% for administrative charge plus fringes (see Fringe Rate Matrix.)