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IBS Program Forms and Documents

IBS Graduate Student Handbook

Information in the IBS Graduate Student Handbook applies to all students admitted to the IBS Graduate Program. It houses policies and procedures in order to successfully complete Master's and Doctoral Degrees.

IBS Assessment Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

Travel Awards

The IBS Graduate Program, the Swenson College of Science and Engineering, and the UMD Graduate School can provide grants to help students with travel costs to and from conferences.


Link for Travel Award Information & Request Forms

Graduate School Fellowship Opportunities

The Graduate School administers University-wide fellowships and grants, based on academic merit (unlike a teaching assistantship or research assistantship, fellowships and grants generally do not require students to work).  Currently enrolled graduate students at the University of Minnesota may apply. Fellowships usually cover educational and living expenses, and grants usually cover expenses related to specific projects.

In addition, the Graduate Fellowship Office coordinates the application process for Fulbright Awards and supports the University's recipients of the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.

Please note, any questions regarding Bridging Funds, the National Science Foundation Research Traineeship (NRT) Program or Training Grant Matching Funds should be directed to the Dean's Office: 612-625-2809 or gsdean@umn.edu.

Please also see Other U of M Funding Opportunities and External Funding Opportunities.

Employment & Health Insurance Information

Graduate Assistant Employment

The Graduate Assistant Employment office has answers to the questions you have about tuition benefits, job vacancy postings, semester provisional benefits, extended benefits and policies.
Your questions and concerns can be addressed to us via e-mail, phone, or fax, or you may visit us in person.

  • OHR Contact Center 612-624-UOHR (612-624-8647); Email: ohr@umn.edu


Questions relating to GTA/GRA employment

Role of Graduate Teaching Assistants at UMD

Health insurance questions

Graduate School Fellowship Opportunities

Graduate School Forms and Documents

Degree Progress:

Graduate Degree Plan 

Review your major field’s student handbook and confer with your faculty adviser and Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) to ensure your plan fulfills minimum graduate education and program requirements, and declare your plan to acquire your degree. Obtain original signatures from your faculty adviser, co-adviser (if applicable), major field DGS, and minor field DGS (if applicable) indicating their approval and submit to your graduate program for review. A copy of your plan will be sent to your University email following final review.

            To change the Graduate Degree Plan, the Petition Form must be filled out and turned in to the IBS Program Office for processing.


Assign/Update Examining Committee (Must sign in with X.500, online student initiated process, replaces the degree transmittal form)

IBS policy regarding thesis committee membership from outside the University:
The University of Minnesota allows Ph.D.-level scientists from outside the University to participate in student thesis committees. Approval of outside thesis committee members are dealt with on a case-by-case basis. The IBS Executive Committee reviews these requests and forwards recommendations to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Graduate Programs on the Duluth campus, who then approves or denies these requests. Outside members generally have expertise that does not exist within the University (e.g., they often work for governmental agencies) and provide a valuable service to our program. IBS graduate students may include members from outside the University on their thesis committees; however, M.S. student thesis committees must be comprised of at least three faculty members with graduate appointments at the University of Minnesota. Doctoral student thesis committees must be comprised of at least four members, with three members having graduate appointments at the University of Minnesota. The intent behind the policy is to create a consistent basis for the formation of thesis committees.

The following websites contains information for the official policy and approval process:


Leave of Absence from the IBS Graduate Program and Graduate School

If a student needs to leave the program for any reason, the Leave of Absence Form must be filled out and submitted to the Graduate School to prevent any negative consequences related to academic, visa, financial aid, and other student issues.

UMD Graduate School Petition (Must sign in with X.500, online student initiated process to Cancel/Add/Swap/Change Grade Basis)


Special Purpose:


Advanced Master's Status Information

8333 is a one-credit registration option for eligible Master's students who must certify full-time status to be in compliance with requirements of the University and/or external agencies (e.g., employment as a graduate assistant; loan deferment).

        • Advanced Master's Status Application
        • Eligibility:
          • Active status
          • Graduate Degree Plan submitted and approved
          • Completion of all coursework included on the Graduate Degree Plan
        • Deadlines to Submit the Application:
          • August 15th for the following fall term
          • December 15th for the following spring term
          • May 15th for the following summer term

Advanced Doctoral Status Information

8444 is a one-credit registration option for eligible doctoral students who must certify full-time status to be in compliance with requirements of the University and/or external agencies (e.g., employment as a graduate assistant; loan deferment).

                    • Advanced Doctoral Status Application
                    • Eligibility:
                      • Active Status
                      • Successful completion of preliminary written exam
                      • Successful completion of preliminary oral exam with signed examination form on file with the Graduate Student Services and Progress (GSSP) Office
                      • Completion of all coursework on Graduate Degree Plan
                      • Completion of 24 Doctoral Thesis Credits

GRAD 999

GRAD 999 is a zero-credit, zero-tuition registration option intended for graduate students who have completed all coursework and (if applicable) thesis credit requirements, and who must maintain registration to meet the registration requirement. However, GRAD 999 cannot be used to meet any other requirements of the University or external agencies. The student must also have his or her own health insurance because payment of the Student Services Fee does not render the students eligible to buy University-sponsored health insurance. To register for GRAD 999, students are advised to register online to identify any holds or requirements not met for the class.

Letter of Certification Request


Late Registration Fee Appeal


Graduate School Forms and Information

Graduate Education Student-Centric Policy Guide


Master's Students

Doctoral Students

Student-centric Policy Guide

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