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Chemical Biology (CB) Faculty

* = Potential opening for new student - Fall 2015. NOTE: List is constantly be updated and faculty not starred may still be recruiting.

* Steve Berry - metalloprotein engineering, metal binding site design

Robert Carlson - synthesis of chemicals compounds of pharmaceutical importance

* Lester Drewes - cerebral vascular biology

Greg Gillispie - biophysical spectroscopy

Peter Grundt - design and synthesis of pharmacological compouds

Anne Hinderliter - membrane-localized phenomena

Joseph Johnson - characterization of protein-protein interactions

Venkatram Mereddy - discovery of new synthetic methods and reagents

Viktor Nemykin - synthesis of bio-inorganic materials, modeling of molybdopterin and Tungstopterin enzymes

Jon Rumbley - protein folding, protein thermodynamics

Jonathan Sachs - cellular membrane structure and biophysics

Guy Sanders - metabolic ngineering of plant tissue and algal systems

Erin Sheets, CB Emphasis Coordinator - immunoglobulin E (IgE) receptor signaling

* David Thomas - molecular motions and interactions responsible for cellular movement, molecular bases of muscle disorders

Viktor Zhdankin - synthetic organic chemistry

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