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Cell, Molecular & Physiological (CMP) Biology Faculty

Mustafa al'Absi – psychobiology of stress, pain, nicotine addiction and risk for heart disease

Grant Anderson – brain development, lipid metabolism

Matthew T. Andrews – genetic factors controlling mammalian hibernation

Gerald Ankley – fate and biological effects of chemical contaminants in the environment

Edgar Arriaga – biochemical anaylisis of organellar function

Subhash Basak – computational and mathematical chemistry

Paul Bates – science education and molecular genetics

Bjoern Bauer – regulation of drug efflux transporters at the blood –brain barrier

Greg Beilman – cell biology of lung injury, sepsis, and shock

Lynne Bemis –role of circulating microRNAs in health and disease

Steve Berry – metalloprotein engineering, metal binding site design

Clay Carter, Director of Graduate Studies – plant cell & molecular biology

Benjamin Clarke – neuroendocrine peptide hormones as regulators of immune function

Robert Cormier – identification and functional characterization of susceptibility genes for colorectal cancer

John Dahl – examining the ability of bacteria to survive stressful conditions

Sigmund Degitz – ecological stressors and amphibian development

Lester Drewes – cerebral vascular biology

Haim Einat – biological basis of affective and anxiety disorders

Barb Elliot – outcomes research, especially access to care for the underserved

Janet Fitzakerley – auditory system development

Stephanie Guildford – phytoplankton and nutrient dynamics

Briana Gross –origin and evolution of wild, weedy, and domesticated plants

Marshall Hampton – bioinformatics, dynamics of gene regulation, mammalian hibernation

Anika Hartz –blood –brain barrier P –glycoproteinandmodulation of ABC drug efflux transporters

Ahmed Heikal – energy metabolism and mitochondria anomalies

Goran Hellekant – comparative studies of the nature of sweet and bitter taste receptors.

Lois Heller – cardiovascular biology

Randall Hicks – ecology and molecular biology of aquatic microorganisms

Anne Hinderliter – membrane –localized phenomena

Jon Holy – anticancer activity of natural products

Joseph Johnson – characterization of protein –protein interactions

Jennifer Liang – using zebrafish to uncover mechanisms that control development of the vertebrate nervous system

Allen Mensinger – neural mechanism of behavior

Venkatram Mereddy – discovery of new synthetic methods and reagents

Joseph Prohaska – nutritional biochemistry of tace elements

Jean Regal – mechanistic pathways to the asthma phenotype

Teresa Rose –Hellekant – CMP Emphasis Coordinator – breast cancer: hormonal and growth factor interactions

Jon Rumbley – protein folding, protein thermodynamics

Patricia Scott – role of GGAs in membrane trafficking of receptors implicated in pathogenesis of human diseases

Erin Sheets – immunoglobulin E (IgE) receptor signaling

Jared Strasburg –speciation and adaptation, genetic and genomic bases of species differences and species boundaries

George Trachte – natriuretic peptide receptors

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