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Ecology, Organismal & Population (EOP) Biology Faculty

* = Potential opening for new student - Fall 2015. NOTE: Faculty not starred may still be recruiting.

Donn Branstrator, Director of Graduate Studies - plankton biology and limnology

Gerald Ankley - biological efects of chemical contaminants in environment

* Richard Axler - aquatic ecology and food web dynamics

* Valerie Brady - invertebrate ecology, wetland ecology

* Timothy Craig - plant-insect interactions

Nicholas Danz - spatial vegetation change across prairie/forest biome boundary, human influences on Great Lakes coastal wetland plant composition

Sigmund Degitz - amphibian endocrine disruption-developmental effect

* Matthew Etterson - population ecology, avian demographic modeling and risk assessment, life-history evolution

* Julie Etterson, EOP Emphasis Coordinator - plant evolution in response to anthropogenic change

* Briana Gross - origin and evolution of wild, weedy, and domesticated plants

* Randall Hicks - ecology and molecular biology of aquatic microorganisms

Brian Hill - stream and wetland ecosystem integrity

* Joel Hoffman - fish ecology, coastal processes

George Host - landscape ecology, forest ecology

Tom Hrabik - aquatic ecology, fisheries, hydroacoustics

* Lucinda Johnson - aquatic ecology, landscape ecology, environmental indicators

Rodney D. Johnson - development and evaluation of long-term testing protocols for assessing the effects of EDCs and reproductive toxicants in small fish

John R.(Jack) Kelly - aquatic ecosystems, anthropogenic disturbances, ecological assessment designs

* Allen Mensinger - neural mechanism of behavior

* Ron Moen - habitat and space use by herbivores and carnivores

* David Mount - contaminant effects in water and sediment

* Gerald Niemi - ornithology and natural resource development issues

* Ted Ozersky - limnology, aquatic ecology, nutrient and energy dynamics

John Pastor - ecosystems ecology and mathematical biology

Euan D. Reavie - algal indicators, paleolimnology

Carl Richards - aquatic ecology, landscape ecology

* Patrick Schoff - ecological stressors, developmental ecotoxicology

* Robert Sterner -ecological stoichiometry, biological limnology and carbon: nutrient biogeochemistry

* Jared Strasburg - speciation and adaptation, genetic and genomic bases of species differences and species boundaries

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