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Making Social Connections

Hanging out with your friends isn't just about having fun. In fact, spending time with the right friends can actually help keep you in college – and keep you on the path toward graduation. Years of research on student success point to the fact that students who participate in student activities, join campus organizations and make friends with students who share a common interest perform better academically and are more satisfied with their college experience.

Some freshmen are used to meeting new people and are comfortable making new friends. For others, this may be a new or uneasy situation. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you're in good company – there are thousands of other students on campus who are also new to UMD. Remembering that you're not the only new person may make it easier for you to be assertive in making friends. Be bold! Be friendly! Whether it's talking to other students in your classes, meeting other students who live near you, or finding other students who have the same interests and hobbies, there are plenty of people at UMD like you. The more you put yourself out there, the more people you'll meet.

Student Organizations

Student activities and organizations are an integral part of the University's total educational program. UMD is home to over 130 different student organizations. Involvement in student activities provides opportunities to meet other students who have similar interests and aspirations. For more information about UMD's student organizations, contact the Student Activities Office at 726-7169. You may also stop by the Student Activities Office located at 115 Kirby Student. Watch for announcements on campus walls and in the summer and fall editions of the First Year Experience Spectrum, a monthly freshman student newsletter.

UMD Student Association

The UMD Student Association (SA) is the official voice of the student body. It has the responsibility to advocate for student concerns, needs, desires and opinions across campus in the media, administration, and committees involved in policy-making.

The International Club

Welcomes all international students and U.S. students as members. The purpose of the club is to encourage interaction between international and U.S. students. Social activities are planned each term. Meetings are scheduled on a regular basis and posted on the web page. The International Club Office is located in room 270F Kirby Student Center, in the Multicultural Center.

The Multicultural Center

The Multicultural Center has specific offices to provide support and advising to African American; Asian Pacific/Islanders; Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Transgender; Hispanic/Latino/Chicano; and international students, as well as offering social and cultural events.

Women's Resource & Action Center

works to empower women, both individually and collectively. Its services are available to both males and females and include a drop-in center, a library with books and magazines, and referral to campus and community services. It also sponsors annual events such as Women's History Month and Domestic Violence Awareness Month. .

Recreational Sports & Outdoor Program

Recreational Sports & Outdoor Program (RSOP) is dedicated to promoting healthy, active lifestyles and connections to the natural world through personal and professional experiences. RSOP, acknowledged as one of the top programs in the country for universities this size, provides opportunities for students to participate in recreation and fitness activities through the following program areas: Fitness and Wellness, Intramurals, Sports Clubs, Kayaking & Canoeing, Rock Climbing, Natural History and Aquatics.

More than 90% of the student population participates in RSOP activities such as flag football, tennis, ice hockey, volleyball, bowling, table tennis, and many others. Aquatics and fitness enthusiasts can choose from more than 35 fitness and instructional activities each week such as kickboxing, yoga, and scuba lessons. Outdoor activities range from kayaking to telemark skiing to nature hikes to rock climbing at UMD's Indoor Climbing Center. Outdoor rental equipment, such as camping supplies and snowshoes are available. Facilities are open seven days a week for informal recreation. UMD was recently ranked by Outside Magazine as one of the 40 top schools in North America. To find out why, stop by the RSOP offices in 154 Sports and Health Center.

UMD Statesman

The UMD Statesman, the official weekly newspaper of the University, provides the student body, faculty, and staff with an informative and entertaining newspaper. Funded by the Student Services Fee and advertising sales, it provides students interested in journalism, or planning a career in journalism, with important experience in the field. All students with interests in writing, editing, photography, artwork, business, or production are encouraged to participate on the newspaper staff. If interested, contact the editor-in-chief in the Student Activities Center or call 726-7113.

Friends of International Students (FIS)

Friends of International Students is a partnership with families in Duluth who are interested in learning about other cultures by meeting international students and inviting them to learn about American culture.


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