Once at least one category has been created (e.g., Exams) you may begin to add assignments (e.g., Exam 1). Each assignment needs affiliation with a category, so usually you will have multiple "Categories".

To add a new assignment:

  1. click the "Add New Assignment " button
  2. fill in the relevant fields on the page (details on these fields are at below)
  3. click Add

Add Assignment image

Assignments Edit Options
Option Description Default
Category Each assignment must be associated with a category. Pick from the drop-down list the category for the assignment.  

Total point value of the assignment.

Grade based assignments also need a point value (e.g., 10) in order for eGradebook to calculate a grade for the course.

Description Name of the assignment or other useful description.  

Three choices available:

  1. Include in Calculations (affects grade calculation, shows up in "Reports" and student's view)
  2. Display Only (does not affect grade calculation, shows up in "Reports" and student's view)
  3. Inactive (does not affect grade calculation, does not show up in "Reports" or student's view)
Grading Basis

Three choices available:

  1. Grade based assignment (A-F)
  2. Point based assignment
  3. Pass/Fail based assignment (S/N)
Point based assignment
Value Based on High Used for "grading on a curve" where the highest score in the assignment is automatically used to set the "Value" for the assignment. Your original "Value" is still available for historical purposes as are the students' raw scores. This means you may easily change your mind about using "Value Based on High"