Class attendance is kept here. You can enter in information in the fields provided (you have up to six characters of space to enter information). If you would like to create a legend so that students know what codes you wish to use, please go to your display options and enter this information in the "Comments:" field found at the very bottom of the display options window (e.g., T (tardy), Ex (excused), A (absent)).

Number of Weeks to Display per page

The number of weeks to display per page is set in Display Options: Attendance Information: Attendance Span. You may want to select a small number of weeks (2 or 3) so the alignment of the student user information and the data fields are easy for you to view in your browser window. You can advance to the next grouping of weeks by clicking on the "Week" links. Some faculty members may want to choose a span of 1 week which may make it easier to enter information for large classes.

Sorting Students

You may sort students by the links above the attendance table:

  • Last Name
  • UMN ID (default)
  • Username

Entering Attendance

In addition to using your mouse, you may also enter attendance using the keyboard. Use the "tab" key on your keyboard to move from cell to cell (either horizontal or vertical tabbing). Please note: if you have entered information into the attendance fields and decide to change tabbing direction, please click on "Update Attendance" first.