"Comments" provides an area for you to make private comments to each student, and to keep instructor's notes on each student.

Only the student you make the comment to can see your comment, and only you can see your private comments about each student.

Below is a table with the headings you will see in the main page of the "Comments" section of eGradebook and their descriptions.

Comments Page Contents
  UMN ID Name Username Comment Private Comments Type
Description UMN ID number (e.g., 1234567) and live link to the "Comments: Edit Page". Student name from PeopleSoft (e.g., Ben E Hill). UMN Internet ID (e.g., umds0051). Your comment to the individual student. Your notes about the individual student (only seen by you) User's status in the eGradebook (owner, student, TA, etc.)

Click on the Student "UMN ID" to add a comment.

Two fields are editable on this page. They are:

  1. "Comments:" (Comments to this individual student)
  2. "Private Comments: (Hidden from student)" (Notes about this student to yourself)

You may have either one or both in use.