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On this page you may access:

  • eGradebooks for classes you are taking (if applicable)
  • eGradebooks you have already created
  • links to previous terms' eGradebooks
  • the "Create a new eGradebook" link

Create a New Gradebook

To create a new Gradebook:

  1. click on the link "Create Gradebook" (link is found on the upper right of your screen or next to the current term on the bottom left)
  2. you will see a list of classes (by section) for which you are the official instructor of record. Click the button to the left of the class or class section for which you want to create a gradebook. If a course that you are teaching does not appear in your list, please see the section "Accessing a Course Not Assigned to You" below
  3. select the "Using preferences from:" if you have an existing gradebook you wish to use as a template (copy the gradebook setup from a previous term)
    1. choose from the drop-down list the class you wish to duplicate for preferences
  4. click "Create Gradebook"

Accessing a Course Not Assigned to You

We pull the course assignments from the PeopleSoft database several weeks before classes begin, and frequently, there are courses that do not have an instructor assigned at the time. Instructor assignments might also change during the intervening weeks.

If you have been given a course assignment, but it is not included in your list of courses in eGradebook, please contact the development/support team..

Contact Us

If you have any questions or comments please contact the development/support team.