The data on the "Scores" page is live and editable. Please be mindful of this.

For all assignments you may:

  • enter scores
  • edit scores
  • activate assignments (only available if made "Inactive" or "Display Only" on the "Assignments Page")

Scores Drop-Down Menu

Please note that you can enter scores for a specific column by clicking on the drop-down menu next to the Change button, selecting the column heading, and clicking on Change.

Final grade overrides are done on this page as well.

The "Scores" layout is similar to the "Reports" page, but has editable fields.

When you are ready to explore what options are available to you, please use the navigational links to the left.

Enter and/or Edit Scores

Enter and/or Edit Scores
Option Description Default
Sort by:

Choices available:

  • Last Name
  • UMN ID
  • Username


Set in Display Options: Instructor

Horizontal tabbing The "tab" key on your keyboard will move through the table across rows.
Vertical tabbing The "tab" key on your keyboard will move through the table down columns.
Student Scores Enter the score of the student for the assignment.  

Optional Options

Depending upon the options you choose in the Display Options: Instructor section of the "Display Options" page, additional options appear on the "Scores" and "Reports" pages. Optional Options!

Scores' Optional Options
Option Name in Display Options: Instructor Description
Total Show Total Total points earned by the student (points based grading only).
Total % Show Total % Overall percentage in class. Also is a live link to a histogram of the distribution in the class.
Grade Show Grade Overall letter grade in class.
UMN ID Show Student IDs UMN ID number (e.g., 1234567).
Username Show Student Email Username as live email link (e.g., umds0051).
View View A live link to the actual view your student will see of her or his grades.