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Accomplishments 1999-2000

Improve Classroom and Learning Technology

  • Equipped 12 classrooms with standard suite of technology equipment: digital projector, VCR with closed-captioning box, and teaching podiums containing power and ethernet connections.
  • Documentation for use of high-tech equipment in 23 classrooms written or revised, published on the web, and placed in the classrooms.
  • Reorganized space and improved processes in AV area.
  • Improved access to instructional software for faculty.
  • Held 49 training workshops, 11 of which were new for this year.
  • Delivered two Tech Camps to a total of 40 faculty.
  • Upgraded hardware and software in the Learning Technology Center.

Improve Student Services

  • Supported the laptop pilot initiatives by purchasing, deploying, and supporting 120 laptops and software. Wired five classrooms and three other locations for student laptops.
  • Improved student computing services by increasing basic-access machines from 254 to 322 and full-access machines from 258 to 293. Upgraded hardware, software, and special equipment for students with disabilities.
  • Provided long-distance telephone services to 2000 students living on campus.
  • Completed networking of residence halls by fall 1999. Each of 2900 resident spaces now has an associated network connection wired, and 1500 of those connections were activated this year.

Improve Services and Support for Customers

  • Redesigned the UMD web site and the ITSS web site.
  • Improved documentation, communication, and help desk support for customers.
  • Improved web-based documentation and service-request forms to improve efficiency and effectiveness of service.
  • Provided specialized services for campus partners and others with exceptional computing needs.

Support Use of Enterprise Systems (PeopleSoft)

  • Provided installation and support for use of desktop PeopleSoft client.
  • Assisted in training for use of enterprise systems.
  • Developed system-wide administrative reports from enterprise systems.

Improve Fiscal Management

  • Revised our rates for FY2001 based on ISO principles and regulations.
  • Improved data collection and documentation for billing process.

Improve Campus Infrastructure

  • Completed new switched-ethernet network backbone. Provided 10 Mbit switched ethernet to the desktop in all campus buildings except residence halls.
  • Provided capability for 100 Mbit data to the desktop in Campus Center, Heller Hall, and MPAC.
  • Upgraded the modem pool to 56K service. Increased number of modems from 150 to 192
  • Added cable trays, conduit, wiring, and telecommunications closets to improve the campus cable system.
  • Updated and maintained the long-term infrastructure plan.
  • Prepared for and successfully met the Y2K challenge.
  • Provided remote telephone and network services to Glensheen, CED in the Duluth Technology Village, Coleraine Minerals Research Laboratory, and Cloquet Forestry Center.
  • Provided design and construction specifications for Visualization and Digital Imaging Laboratory, Griggs Stadium Press Box, Fleet/Grounds Maintenance Facility, and Music Performance Laboratory.

Improve Working Environment for ITSS Staff

  • Increased staff training and professional development.
  • Addressed compensation issues to stay competitive with market for information technology staff.
  • Hired and trained two new staff members.
  • Sponsored a variety of staff appreciation events and community spirit events.
  • Nominated six staff members for Outstanding Service Awards. Four ITSS staff members won this award this year.

Participate in Campus Life

  • Met and coordinated activities with our campus partners.
  • Assisted with the building and equipping of the new Library.
  • Four staff members served on campus governance committees.

Technology Development

  • Equipped and supported the new digital imaging laboratory as a showpiece of cutting-edge technology.
  • Researched desktop video capabilities to support teaching and learning initiatives.
  • Developed staff expertise with Office 2000, Windows 2000, SQL database tools, and web development tools.
  • Established tools for streaming audio and video.
  • Researched wireless networking for mobile computing.
  • Worked with Bresnan Communications (now Charter Communications) on a pilot project for cable-modem service. Included was a pilot of virtual private network (VPN) that enables secure access across networks.
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