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Accomplishments 2000-2001

Improve Classroom and Learning Technology

  • Equipped 3 additional classrooms with standard suite of technology equipment: digital projector, VCR with closed-captioning box, and teaching podiums containing power and ethernet connections.
  • Documentation for use of high-tech equipment in 4 classrooms written or revised, published on the web, and placed in the classrooms.
  • Reorganized space and improved processes in ITV classrooms.
  • Developed a Brown Bag Lunch series, held in the Visualization and Digital Imaging Lab.
  • Held 39 training workshops, 8 of which were new for this year, to 344 campus participants.
  • Delivered one regular Tech Camp and one Advanced Tech Camp to a total of 34 faculty.
  • Delivered Tech Fest and the Student Web Contest.
  • Launched the Technophytes Cohort, funded by the Bush Foundation.
  • Developed extensive set of technology tools for faculty.

Improve Student Services

  • Supported the laptop pilot initiatives by purchasing, deploying, and supporting 243 laptops and software. Established wireless networking in one classroom.
  • Improved student computing services by increasing basic-access machines from 244 to 376, including 288 SunRays.
  • Established a new graphic arts computer lab in VKH 131.
  • Provided long-distance telephone services to 800 students and networking services to 1500 students living on campus.
  • Installed 5 house phones in support of the campus safety project.

Improve Services and Support for Customers

  • Established support services for Windows 2000 and Office 2000.
  • Improved support tools for help desk services.
  • Developed a new process for setting up new computers for customers.
  • Updated ITSS Recommended Solutions.
  • Added information to ITSS web site on viruses and hoaxes, VPN, wireless networking, web design, photography tips, and using Apple Unix File Services (AUFS).

Support Use of Enterprise Systems (PeopleSoft)

  • Established a new ITSS team to coordinate support for enterprise systems.
  • Provided installation and support for use of desktop PeopleSoft client.
  • Assisted in training for use of enterprise systems.
  • Reorganized UMD Data Warehouse User's Group.

Improve Fiscal Management

  • Revised our rates for FY2002 based on ISO principles and regulations.
  • Implemented new telephone billing and reporting system, replacing a commercial system. This commercial system cost over $100,000 initially, cost $15,000 per year in maintenance, and did not meet our needs or the advertised specifications. The new system is a major improvement in both cost and service for the campus.
  • Developed a new billing and reporting system for computer system usage.

Improve Campus Infrastructure

  • Upgraded building network feed from 10 Mbit to 100 Mbit in four campus buildings.
  • Provided capability for 100 Mbit data to the desktop in MWAH, Humanities, and Technology Village.
  • Added or upgraded servers to support SunRays, file storage, mail, web services, lab services, printing services and authentication services.
  • Installed a major telephone system upgrade, with new processors and software.
  • Added cable trays, conduit, wiring, and telecommunications closets to improve the campus cable system.
  • Routed over 8 million telephone calls through our campus telephone switch.
  • Updated and maintained the long-term infrastructure plan.
  • Provided design and construction specifications for Library, Weber Music Hall, Griggs E/F Addition, Grounds/Fleet Maintenance Facility, Northeast Area Transportation System Research Laboratory, MPAC Elevator addition, Campus Building Separations project, and Residence Hall Fire Protection project.

Improve Working Environment for ITSS Staff

  • Continued compensation improvement plan to stay competitive with market for information technology staff.
  • Hired and trained two new staff members.
  • Sponsored a variety of staff appreciation events and community spirit events.
  • Nominated nine staff members for Outstanding Service Awards. Two ITSS staff members won this award this year.

Participate in Campus Life

  • Met and coordinated activities with our campus partners.
  • Assisted with the building and equipping of the new Library.
  • Five staff members served on campus committees.

Technology Development

  • Expanded use of the visualization and digital imaging laboratory with an open house and summer grant program.
  • Established streaming video capabilities to support teaching and learning initiatives.
  • Developed staff expertise with Windows 2000, SQL database tools, Dreamweaver, Flash, and Fireworks.
  • Implemented pilot project on wireless networking for mobile computing.
  • Implemented a virtual private network (VPN) service that enables secure access across networks.
  • Researched, tested, and installed a new calendar system.
  • Researched content management systems, Zope, XML, and PHP.
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