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AV Checkout Equipment: Audio

Item Short Description

Boom Box, Cassette
One boom box cassette player is available. The cassette boom box has two tape decks for playback and recording. It has an AM / FM radio tuner.

Boom Box, CD
Several boom box CD players are available. They can play both CD s and tape cassettes. They also feature a digital AM / FM radio tuner and a remote control.

Cassette Recorder
Several sizes and styles of cassette recorders in mono and stereo are available. We have many cassette recorders ranging from small handheld recorders to larger tabletop recorders. All recorders have either a built in microphone or a jack for an external microphone, while some recorders can use both.

Several types of microphones are available. Wireless microphones can be checked out from the Multimedia Hub.

Microphone Stand
Table-floor (stand-up) or boom type microphone stands are available. They range from simple stands with height adjustment, to tabletop stands.
Mixer A mixer is used for mixing several microphones or other audio equipment. (No photo is available.)

Public Address Podium
One large public address systems with microphone is available. It is a speaker, microphone stand, and podium all in one and is useful for small to medium sized crowds.

Speakers, Amplified
Small portable speakers are available. They can be used with microphones for addressing small to medium sized crowds or can be adapted to project audio from laptops.

Stereo, CD Player
A portable radio with cassette and CD player is available on a cart. It has have two speakers, two tape decks, digital AM / FM radio tuners, and five disc CD changers. Because of it's large size, the it is on carts for easier transport.

Stereo, Turntable
A turntable stereo is available on a cart.