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AV Checkout Equipment: Cameras and Video Equipment

Item Short Description

Document Camera
(Visual Presenter, Elmo)

The document camera consists of a video camera mounted on an extension arm and a stage area on which one may place graphics, printed material, transparencies or small three-dimensional objects.

Its video output may be fed to a projector or video monitor.

(On a Cart w / VCR / DVD Player)

The monitor ensemble of equipment includes a large TV monitor on a mobile cart. It includes either a VCR / DVD combo unit or a single VCR .

All carts are equipped with closed caption converters for the hearing impaired.

(On a Cart w / VCR / DVD Player)
This projector ensemble of equipment comes equipped with a projector, VCR/DVD combo unit, speakers, and closed caption converter.

They are very useful for displaying movies and laptop presentations.

Portable screens are also available by request.

Closed Caption Decoder

The closed caption decoder allows people to read what is said on captioned television programs and in captioned movies.

It is opens up the world of movies and television to hearing impaired individuals. Viewers can read on the screen what may be difficult or impossible to hear.

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Digital Still Camera Digital still cameras can be checked out from the Multimedia Hub.
Digital Video Camera DV cameras can be checked out from the Multimedia Hub.