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ITV, Distance Education, Videoconferencing

Interested in meeting with a distant colleague? Teaching a class at UMD with students at another campus? Having students in your program receive a class from another institution? Videoconferencing, training, workshops with other locations? These sorts of things can take place over ITV (Interactive Television).

What is ITV?

Interactive television is the sending and receiving of video and audio via IP (internet). UMD has a Quality of Service network (QoS), which means that the bandwith used for ITV is in the "fast lane," protected from other internet traffic.

Who can use it, and when?

UMD staff, faculty, and students can schedule ITV meetings or classes. We schedule classes and meetings all year around, all days of the week, with equipped locations everywhere.

Why would I want to use ITV?

Many of our regular users are professors offering classes at colleges and universities around the state and university staff holding meetings with their colleagues at coordinate campuses. Sometimes a graduate student will schedule a thesis defense, or a student will take part in a job interview. These are just some common applications of ITV. UMD's ITV rooms are staffed with a student technician who will set up the equipment, answer questions, contact other locations if there are problems, and offer instructions to the professor or facilitator.

How is this different from desktop video conferencing or web cams?

Where can we have an ITV class or meeting?

ITSS has two ITV classroom, Kirby Plaza 173 and Kirby Plaza 175a.

What locations are possible to reach with ITV?

We've made ITV connections as far away as Palermo, Italy, but most of our connections are to other UM or MNSCU campuses and other locations in northeast Minnesota.

How do I request an ITV?

Fill out our online request form. After you submit the request, a few things need to take place. First, room availability will be determined. If a room is available, your date, time, and location will be confirmed with you via email. If the rooms are already booked, then you may need to determine another time frame. It’s wise to plan ahead as much as possible. Requests from the Twin Cities campus should be made through their Video Networking Services. Requests from other state colleges should be made through the Northeast Alliance for Telecommunications (NEAT), of which UMD is a member.

What else do I need to know?

You will need some information from the other site. Does the other site have ITV capability, and if so, what type (IP, ISDN)? Who is your contact at the other end, and what is the name of their technical staff? Also, if you will be teaching a class over ITV for the first time, it will require some preparation. For instance, visual adjustments need to be made: font sizes on powerpoint presentations, wearing a plain shirt, etc. For training on teaching over ITV, contact LeAnne Rutheford of Instructional Development Services,, or call her at 726-6207.

Does it cost anything to have an ITV?

Please visit Interactive Television Rates for our rates. For all of the prices listed on that page the following applies:

For more information contact Sarah Paro