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Policy: Equipment Disposal

Classroom team is responsible for a variety of AV checkout equipment (laptops, projectors) and Multimedia Hub equipment (cameras, tripods, Hub computers). When this equipment is at end of life, it needs to be disposed of. Most equipment just needs to be recycled because it doesn't work or has an unsupported OS (old laptops, cameras, etcetera).

Other equipment can be sold (Hub Macs, projectors) via the folowing process:

  1. The equipment will go through the standard maintenance process, which involves preparing when time permits, removing from inventory, and selling through the bookstore and RT ticketing.
  2. These are advertised through signs placed outside the TechCenter.
  3. In order for our students to know when something is for sale, an email will be sent to "itss-students" mailing list.
  4. Nothing will be "held" for anyone--it's first come, first served.

For more information contact Sarah Paro by email: or by phone: 726-6317.