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Network Printing

Faculty and staff can print to departmental printers from Unix, Macintosh and Windows applications. Students can print to the networked printers in the student computing labs from the lab workstations using the Uniprint software.

Following is a summary of the types of network printing available and details on how to proceed.

Network printing What you need How to get it
Students Faculty/staff
Uniprint (student computer labs and personal laptops) UCard (with value added) Detailed instructions are here: Printing in the labs. Not available
Windows (Active Directory) Windows computer on AD Not available See: Active Directory
Macintosh Macintosh computer on the UMD network Not available See: Network Printing on a Mac
Enterprise (PeopleSoft HR/SA/Financials) Internet/email account

Queue and access configured by CCO.
Not available To determine if your printer is already defined, or to add a printer, go to

See: Enterprise printers

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