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Computer Repair & Desktop Support Services

ITSS desktop and computer maintenance support staff provide a variety of services for all of your computer needs.

Active Directory services
Active Directory (AD) services provides desktop authentication to the network using your University ID (X.500), the ability to easily share and update standardized security policies, and network file and print services. AD services are part of the Unversity's new Security Policy.
Computer maintenance & repair (TechCenter)
Bring your computer in for diagnosis and repair, virus/malware removal, operating system and hardware upgrades (hard drives, DVD drives, motherboards, memory), warranty work, preventative maintenance, and more.
Mobile computing
Instructions and support for connecting mobile computing devices (SmartPhones, PDAs) to UMD email and calendar.
Recommended solutions
Advice to the campus regarding supported hardware and software, including levels of ITSS staff support.
Windows 8: Windows 8 is available for use on University computers. For more information, see: Windows 8 Support.
The University and ITSS provide a variety of Windows, Macintosh and Unix-based software to students, faculty and staff, for both business and personal use.
Virus and security information
AntiVirus software, spyware tools, VPN clients, firewalls, virus alerts, and more.

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