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Essential Technology Tools for New Staff

Many technology tools are available for you to use, but as a new staff member you may not have the time to explore technologies that may help you. Our goal is to help you get started with some key technologies. When you are ready to explore other technology options, please be sure to visit Technology Resources for Faculty and Staff.

To schedule a consultation, please email for an appointment. For educational technology assistance, please email

Internet ID

Your Internet ID (e.g., amevans) is your main University identification, and is essential for much of the work you will do here. You may hear your Internet ID referred to as any of the following:

but they all mean the same thing (i.e., amevans).

A personal Internet ID is assigned automatically to faculty and staff when they are on the University payroll. At that time, you may call the ITSS TechCenter HelpDesk at 726-8847 for your temporary password.

We are committed to getting new faculty and staff their Internet IDs and access to email as quickly as possible. If you do not have your Internet ID, please contact your hiring unit and ask them to use the following process.


Google mail (Gmail) is the email program for employees at the University.


The network is critcial to your work here at UMD. Please see our Wired Ethernet Access page.

Network Data Storage

You have the ability to save files to your own location on our servers and to share files with others. Please go to Network Data Storage to learn more.


Many choices need to made in order to use your phone effectively. Please see our Telephone Services page to get started.

UMN private data page

The University explains what is and is not private data (, and how private data should be properly handled.