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Technophytes Cohort


Picture of green potted plant.Feeling left behind the technology wave? Interested in using technology tools to enhance your students' learning but feeling intimidated by the time and training you need to develop your technology skills? Join our Technophytes Cohort and transform yourself from a technophyte to a technophile.Picture of laptop computer.

The Bush Foundation awarded a three-year grant to the University of Minnesota System to provide special assistance to faculty to expand their knowledge and use of technology-enhanced learning. This funding supported the Technophyte Program from Summer 2001 through Spring 2004. Starting with Cohort 4 in Summer 2004, this program will be funded internally by UMD. We are grateful to the Bush Foundation for past funding.

This program is directed specifically toward "late-bloomers" among the faculty, those faculty with an interest in technology-enhanced learning that need special assistance to develop their technology skills.

Starting in the fall of 2009, ITSS will provide a special program for 20 faculty that will run through the 2009-2010 academic year. Technophytes wishing to get an early start may begin work with a mentor during the summer of 2009. The program will address topics on teaching and learning that include:

In Cohort 9, we continue the focus on late bloomers (technophytes), as well as including those faculty who wish to extend their learning, change directions, or enter into a new aspect of technology-enhanced learning. We also encourage faculty to participate in the program again, even if they have participated previously.

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