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Student Computer Labs: Policy

Policy on Student Computing and Appropriate Use

Computer use is limited to classroom, course related, or personal education use. Computer use is restricted to nonprofit use only. No commercial use of any kind is allowed. If you have any questions about your usage, you should talk to an ITSS staff member before beginning your project.

Computer use is limited to the person who paid the fee. You may not do work for another person, including another student. All students in a group project must have full access. You cannot allow other students access to computers with your login information.

Software piracy will not be tolerated. Any student caught copying or distributing copyrighted materials will immediately have their lab access revoked and will be referred to the Student Conduct Code Coordinator.

Misuse of central systems, the network, other systems on the network, or hardware will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to: breaking into, halting, slowing down, or breaking security of the network or systems on the network (or efforts or attempts to do these things); abusing another person's data or account; harassment or abuse of other users on the network or systems on the network; or damaging hardware.

Acceptable use of network services will be based on established policy.

Any violation of these rules will result in the student being contacted by ITSS staff and referred to the Student Conduct Code Coordinator. Costs incurred could result in a hold on the student record. Incidents in violation of city, state, or federal law will be referred to the police.