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2014: Internet Access for Summer Residents

Effective Dates: June-Aug 2014

Guests to the University campus often wish to access the network for business or personal use. While we are not a commercial ISP, we do offer several options for limited network access to non-University summer residents:

If you are a summer resident with a University Internet ID, please see: ResNet@UMD or Wireless Access for connection details.

Terms and Conditions

Please note that the UMD Network Terms and Conditions apply to all guests on the University network as well. In particular:

Guest Wireless Access

Guest wireless service is rate-limited and restricted to web-only access. It is provided as a short-term service for temporary guests. Guest wireless service is currently available in all residence halls and apartments and throughout most of the campus, including:

Cost: There is no additional cost for this service.

How to Access the Guest Wireless Service

  1. Turn your computer on and launch your web browser (Firefox, Chrome, IE).
  2. If you are redirected to the University's wireless login page, you are in a wireless zone.
  3. Connect your wireless client to the UMD-Guest-Wireless service.
  4. Read the "Guest User Rights and Responsibilities."
  5. Click "I Accept the Terms of Use" to continue.

For more information on the Guest Wireless service

See: UMD Guest Wireless Service

Broadband (Wired) Internet Access

Most residence hall rooms and apartments are wired with Ethernet jacks for broadband Internet service. (Lake Superior Hall has wireless access only.) In the apartments, the Ethernet jacks are located in the bedrooms.

Cost: To use broadband Internet service, you will need:

How to purchase wired Internet access / Summer ResNet Account:

  1. Go to the ITSS TechCenter, Kirby Plaza 165. If you have a laptop computer, bring it with you.
  2. Complete the "Guest Network Service Agreement Form" and pay the $65.49 fee for each computer/device.
  3. ITSS staff will complete the registration of your computer/device on the network.

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