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Information in archived ITSS news was current at publication time but may not reflect the present state of technology or ITSS.

News Briefs: 2004

Email Upgrade
01/17/04: Starting early Saturday morning, January 17, ITSS will begin moving customers from the old email system to the new one. The new email systems is designed to remove the major bottleneck that has been providing slow response time for email service during last semester. This is a very large project and a very large move. More than 23,000 inboxes have to be moved.
More information: Email Upgrade
SMTP Email Server Change
4/14/2004: Starting today, UMD ITSS is blocking access to the email server address '' from non University network addresses. This address is to be used for on-campus sending of email only, and was recently separated from the generic UMD email address 'd.umn.ed'. As of this date only UMD's on-campus email clients should be set to use ''.
More information: SMTP Email Server Change
Class alias requests
8/20/2004: Faculty members who would like email aliases (email lists) for their classes for the upcoming term can request them via our web page.
More information: Class alias requests are ready
Changing passwords with umCal
9/27/04: When you change your X.500 password, it may take up to 15 minutes for that change to be put in place. You may wish to try your old password in the meantime when logging in to umCal or other University systems.
More information: Changing passwords with umCal
WebMail, IE Popups and Service Pack 2
09/29/04: Service Pack 2 adds an automatic "popup blocker" for Internet Explorer. If your Internet security settings are set too high, this automatic popup blocker will not allow Webmail to initiate a popup window to reply or compose.
More information: WebMail, IE Popups and Service Pack 2
Avoiding annoying email
10/29/2004: Recently ITSS has heard an increasing number of complaints about annoying email, most commonly known as spam. In response to these complaints, we will increase the screening threshold on one of our two spam-filtering services on Monday, November 1, at 5 PM. Please be aware that this will also increase the number of legitimate messages that get tagged as spam. Please review your tagged email to be sure that you don't miss something important.
More information: Avoiding annoying email
Marketscore Security Risk
11/11/04: A number of Microsoft Windows computers have had all their web browsing, including encrypted passwords and other secure transactions, redirected through To protect University systems from unauthorized release of private data and other security risks, connections to Marketscore from the University are being blocked. This includes all campuses, dial-up users, and vpn connections. Computers that have this software installed may not be able to use their web browser until the software and the certificate are removed.
More information: Marketscore