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+ New ITSS Staff Member

+ Document Imaging Available

+ facultyEtools: WebCT Vista

+ Vizlab Presents

+ Phishing scams


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October 2005

New ITSS Staff Member

We are pleased to announce that Julie Ann Viken has accepted the position of Information Technology Professional with our department and will join the ITSS staff Monday, October 17. Julie's responsibilities will include providing enterprise and departmental application analysis, programming development, maintenance, and testing for customer business systems; special project Unix programming support; consulting with and supporting faculty, students, and staff in a variety of ways regarding information technology hardware and software; and assisting with administration and configuration of server hardware.

Julie has a B.A. in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities campus. During the past four years Julie has been employed as a Web Developer for the Academic Computing and Distributed Services Department (ACDS) within the Office of Information Technology (OIT) unit. In this position she has developed and maintained an Oracle database for the Electronic Grants Management System (EGMS), managed, coded, tested and supported the Financial Forms Nirvana (FFN) web applications, and assisted with building other University web sites.

Prior to this position, Julie worked several years for McKessonHBOC as an Applications Analyst and Senior Software Engineer where she designed, developed and supported code for web applications and client/server applications for hospital scheduling systems used domestically and internationally. In addition, Julie has experience as a Computer Lab TA at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities campus.

Document Imaging Available on Campus

UMD now has the capability to image most paper that is handled within a department. This new technology, ImageNow, scans documents into a computer and indexes them, making them available immediately to all staff with the click of a button.

Benefits of this technology include reducing paper and increasing staff efficiency due to the work flow features that make documents move electronically through the office. No more misplaced or misfiled documents because everything is indexed.

ImageNow, a document imaging system from Perceptive Vision, Inc., was first used in the Twin Cities Financial Aid department and the project proved highly successful. The UMD Office of the Registrar in both the areas of Financial Aids and Student Records have been using ImageNow for a couple of years.

If you would like to learn more or have questions about document imaging at UMD, contact Debbie Wing, ITSS (dwing, x8784).

facultyEtools: WebCT Vista

WebCT Vista is a course management or learning management system that offers many tools to enhance the online teaching and learning environment. By using the internet and a Web browser, faculty and students can access their password protected courses. Course materials, grades or grade books, threaded discussions, course specific email, assignments, quizzes, tests, surveys, galleries, and glossaries, can be accessed from anywhere in the world. It combines many frequently used online tools into one location for faculty and students. Faculty may choose to use some of the tools available within WebCT Vista to begin with and later add other tools. WebCT Vista offers faculty great flexibility!

What tools are available in WebCT Vista!

Once you develop and use any of the tools in WebCT Vista, the tools or course content, quizzes, grade book, discussion questions, etc. can be copied into a new section or new semester.

Other Resources:

Other facultyEtools:

If you have questions about WebCT Vista or other facultEtools, or would like to set up a meeting to discuss using one of these tools, please contact Shelly McCauley Jugovich (smcaule, x6862) or Bruce Reeves (breeves, x6831)

ITSS Technology Resources for Faculty & Staff

Viz Lab Presents Series for Fall 2005

The Viz Lab Presents Series is back for another great semester. Please do not miss an opportunity to come and see what the Visualization and Digital Imaging Lab (VDIL) Summer Grant researchers have been doing over the summer. Please go to: for further information on the VDIL.

Steve Bardolph, Art & Design
Re-imaging and Imagining the Beautiful and Sublime
Wednesday, October 12

Saiyam Kohli, Graduate Student Computer Science
Visually Finding Sets of Related Words on the World Wide Web
Thursday, October 13

Steve Sternberg, Chemical Engineering
Visualization and Animation of Contaminant Movement in Porous Media
Wednesday, October 19

Josh Jacobs, Graduate Student Math/Stats
Dynamic Creation of Images from a Given Motif
Wednesday, October 26

Mark Harvey, Theatre
Pursuing the theatrical design attributes of both GarageBand and ProTools
Thursday, October 27

Rob Wittig, Art & Design
Blending Image and Typography for Digital Scrolls
Thursday, November 3

Mary Ann Marchel, Education
"Assistive Technology for Children and Youth with Disabilities" production of an interactive CD
Friday, November 4

Margretta Meyer, Graduate Student Geology
Genesis of Rogen Moraine; a quantitative spatial analysis
Wednesday, November 9

Kristin Riker-Coleman, VDIL RA and Graduate Student in Geology
Designing Scientific Posters
Tuesday, November 22

Joseph Beer, Graduate Student, Geology
Three-Dimensional Visualization of Late Triassic Landscape Evolution of South-Central Utah
Wednesday, November 23

Douglas Dunham, Computer Science
Creating a program that will print out 2-dimensional "nets" of patterned polygon faces for polyhedra of positive genus, which can be folded up and glued together, forming the whole polyhedron
Thursday, December 1

James Allert, Computer Science
Visualizations of Student Learning Style Data
Friday, December 2

VDIL home page

Phishing scams

Phishing is an Internet scam to get people to share personal or financial information, such as passwords and credit-card numbers. The scammer sends an email that appears to be from a legitimate company (such as an ISP or bank). The email asks the recipient to update or validate billing information to keep the account active, and includes a link to a forged web site that looks nearly identical to the real company's site. If the person fills out and submits the form on the fake site, the data is sent to the scammer.

Recent scams seen on campus include US Bank, PayPal, Citibank, eBay and Best Buy, where the emails directed people to web pages that looked nearly identical to the companies' sites.

The FBI called phishing the "hottest, and most troubling, new scam on the Internet."

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is working to protect consumers from identity theft and offers the following tips for avoiding this scam: is published monthly during the academic year by ITSS. An email digest is also sent to all users subscribed to the infotech.announce, and studenttech.announce. The goal is to distribute information useful to the daily routines of the University of Minnesota Duluth campus community in conjunction with computer and telephone technologies. Comments or suggestions may be sent to the editor at: