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+ Wireless Access for Guests

+ Secure E-mail roll-out moved to Fall

+ facultEtools this Summer

+ Student Web Contest 2007

+ More Enhanced Control Systems in Classrooms

+ Computer Lab Hardware Upgrades

+ Multimedia Hub Expansion

+ ITSS Systems upgrades this Summer


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May 2006

Wireless Access for Guests

The University of Minnesota System has provided a mechanism for guests of the University to access our wireless networks. This mechanism works here at UMD as well as on the other campuses.

For more information, see "Who can access the wireless network?" on this page:

There are two options available:

  1. University staff and faculty can sponsor short term (four day) wireless access for University guests and visiting associates.
  2. University staff and faculty can sponsor short term (up to two weeks) wireless access for University conferences.

Guest access should be limited to those who have an academic or business reason for visiting the campus. If you have questions about who should be awarded guest access, please contact Linda Deneen (ldeneen, x7588).

Secure E-mail roll-out moved to Fall

Unless configured to use secure (encrypted) protocols, email programs send your username, password, and email content as clear text that can possibly be intercepted by others - particularly on a wireless network.

Beginning January, 2007, only email clients configured to use secure settings will be able to connect to the UMD email servers to send and receive mail. The cutoff date for this was originally scheduled for Summer, 2006, but ITSS has found that we need to upgrade and reconfigure some of our email systems to fully allow secure email connections from both on- and off-campus. We also need to do more testing with various email programs and update our secure configutation email pages.

We should have these changes made by mid-summer and will be providing more information this coming Fall via our newsletter and direct email to our users about these changes and how to make them.

facultEtools this Summer

Each month we have featured one of our technology resources for faculty. This month we are not featuring a facultEtool, but would like to take this opportunity to wish you a great summer!

In the event that you are working with technology over the summer and would like assistance, please contact us.

Looking for a place to visit this summer?
Visit facultEtools or
Technology Resources for Faculty and Staff

Need a little tour information as you travel? Please give us a call and let us help you plan your summer adventure with facultEtools.

If you would like to set up a meeting to discuss using one of the tools that we feature, please contact Shelly McCauley Jugovich (smccaule, x6862) or Bruce Reeves at (breeves, x6831)

UMD Student Web Contest 2007

Undergraduate and graduate students working with an identified faculty or departmental sponsor are invited to enter a Web Site Development Contest for upcoming undergraduate courses. To qualify, the Web sites must have been created on or before January 26, 2007.

Up to five $500 awards will go to the undergraduate or graduate students who develop the best undergraduate course Web sites.

For more information go to this page:

More Enhanced Control Systems in Classrooms

During the 2005 - 2006 academic year, ITSS implemented two "test" classrooms to explore an enhanced control system (see previous article) technology that is used on other campuses. This system makes it much easier for faculty to use their laptops in classrooms and automates the reporting of some classroom problems such as a projector malfunction. The experience with these systems has been overwhelmingly positive and five more rooms will be enhanced with this technology over the summer, with more to be implemented in the coming year. If you would like further information about enhanced control systems, please contact Jason Davis (jdavis,x8782).

Computer Lab Hardware Upgrades

During summer 2006, ITSS will be replacing computers in Engr 2004, MonH 209, MonH 239, and Library 115. Usage statistics and our annual survey, as well as the emerging use of computers in some disciplines within the School of Fine Arts have placed greater demands on our Macintosh computer labs. To respond to this, ITSS will increase the number of Macintosh computers available for general use in the Library. For more information about computer lab upgrades, please contact Rick Brill (rbrill, x7031) about Windows labs or Mary Olson-Reed (molson14, x8544) about Mac labs.

Multimedia Hub Expansion

The Multimedia Hub has been increasingly popular this year. A number of courses now incorporate this technology into required projects. As a result, ITSS has added two more multi-media workstations in the Multimedia hub and will upgrade the oldest station over the summer. We expect this resource to continue to grow to meet greater demands in the future. If you have questions about the Hub, please contact Mary Olson-Reed (molson14, x8544).

ITSS Systems upgrades this Summer

The ITSS Systems Team will be working on several projects to improve reliability during the summer months. In addition to upgrading system software, ITSS staff will be:

We expect these service upgrades to be in place by the start of Fall 2006. is published monthly during the academic year by ITSS. An email digest is also sent to all users subscribed to the infotech.announce, and studenttech.announce. The goal is to distribute information useful to the daily routines of the University of Minnesota Duluth campus community in conjunction with computer and telephone technologies. Comments or suggestions may be sent to the editor at: