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+ Changes in SPSS Site License for 2009

+ Submitting Grades Requires Last Date of Participation

+ December: Upcoming eClass and Open Session

+ New Telephone Feature - Corporate Directory

+ ITSS Spotlight on Bruce Reeves

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Technology news for UMD faculty, staff and students

December 2008

ITSS by the Numbers

From January 2008 through July 2008, the ITSS Faculty Technology Team:

  • sponsored Tech Fest 2008, with 77 presenters and 943 attendees
  • sponsored the Student Web Contest, with 8 participants and 3 winners
  • provided class email aliases for 1323 classes
  • processed 34,025 student evaluations of teaching
  • supported 615 grade books through eGradebook
  • supported the exchange of 20,049 files with WebDrop

Ten Years Ago in ITSS - December 1998

1998-1999 UMD Internet Kit Released
The Computer Corner has this year’s edition of the Internet Kit for sale at a price of $7.50 for the CD version. A limited number of diskette versions are also available.

This year’s kit includes software for Windows 3.1, Apple Macintosh and Windows 95/98 operating systems. Mulberry, our new e-mail client, and upgraded versions of Netscape and telnet are included in the Windows 95/98 and Mac software collection. Also included are modem scripts to automate logging in to the UMD modem pool for most modem brands. This kit is the easiest way to get connected to the Internet whether you are on campus or dialing in from off campus.

Documentation is included in the CD version as well as a general startup page that Netscape will access by default. This page includes many helpful files of information.

Changes in SPSS Site License for 2009

Beginning January 2009, all UMD faculty and staff will be eligible to obtain SPSS through a University-wide site license. The site license and software distribution will be administered by the Office of Information Technology (OIT) on the Twin Cities campus. The new site license will not be administered by ITSS staff.

The 2009 site license includes SPSS 16 for Windows Vista/XP/2000 or Mac OSX. The annual cost per license for 2009 has not yet been set, but will be significantly less than last year's $270. Faculty and staff can purchase copies of SPSS through the Twin Cities web site, and will need an EFS number for the transaction. Contact your department for details on purchasing SPSS.

The UMD Student Site License program will continue for next year. Undergraduate and graduate students in CEHSP, CLA, and LSBE will be able to download the software at no cost, as those collegiate units have paid the license fee for their students. Students in other programs will be able to purchase SPSS through the ITSS TechCenter.

For details on the new 2009 site license, see:


Submitting Grades Requires Last Date of Participation for an "F" or "N" – eGradebook can Help

A student with a "F" or "N" in all courses for a term will automatically lose 50 percent of the student's federal Title IV funds if no course participation can be determined for a term." As a result the grade submission process will not allow any grades to be submitted without the last date of participation for any "F" or "N."

What does "last date of participation" mean? This can be "the last date you received work for the student or the last date the student attended" (eGradebook will record these).

For more information:.


December: Upcoming eClass and Open Session

Upcoming eClass: Cascading Style Sheets 101: December 1st-12th
Anytime | Anywhere | Asynchronous learning

What are Cascading Style Sheets? What are some of the basics? This eClass will give you an introduction to the subject. Read more and register online here:

Open Session: End-of-the-Semester “wrap-up” or Prep for upcoming Semester
Come when you can | No registration required

Need help with any aspect of educational technology? Wrapping up Fall classes? Preparing for Spring classes? Join us in the KMC for an unstructured open work session with technical support and assistance at your fingertips:

When: Friday, December 5th (anytime between 11:00-1:00pm)
Where: Knowledge Management Center (Solon Campus Center 42)

Feel free to bring your laptop, lunch, course materials, questions, ideas etc…

Note: the KMC has laptops available for use – free of charge


New Telephone Feature - Corporate Directory

This month, ITSS installed Nortel Telephony Manager (TM), an application that allows us to program telephone moves, adds, and changes more efficiently. A windfall of TM is that a corporate directory is now available on certain phone types.

If you have a Nortel M3903 or M3904 set (2-line phone or better), you have an "Applications" button on your phone. It's located second button from the lower right hand side of the phone. To use it, press the Application button and you'll see Corporate Directory show up on your display. Press the button beneath the word "Select". Begin entering letters of the last name you're looking for. When you've entered the amount of letters you'd like to search by, press the "Done" button. Use the directional buttons beneath the display to scroll through the list, or press "Resume" to enter more letters and narrow your search. When you find the person you're looking for, press "Dial" and the party's phone will ring. You can use this feature before or after you pick up the handset.

If you're asking yourself why do I need this when I have a paper directory?, keep in mind that the new campus directories come out in November, two months after new faculty and staff are on campus. This gives you a way to look them up. Also, after the directories are printed, we install dozens of new phones each year which won't make the book until the following November. The Corporate Directory gives you the absolute, most up-to-date directory resource for campus phone numbers.

If you have questions or comments, contact Chuck Bosell. If you don't know his number, look him up in Corporate Directory.


ITSS Spotlight on Bruce Reeves

Each month ITSS highlights a different member of the staff to let you get to know some of the great people who are working "behind the scenes" to make technology work for our campus. This month the spotlight is on Bruce Reeves, Technology Support Professional.

What Bruce Does for ITSS:

Bruce is a Learning Technology Consultant who provides training and support for faculty in the areas of learning technology, course management, effective pedagogy, and copyright law. He works closely with the Instructional Development Service to facilitate better communication on educational technology issues and support for faculty.

Bruce's Background:

Bruce's Interests/Hobbies:

Too many to list as almost anything will capture Bruce's fascination. Do look for him on the basketball court in the Sports and Health Center.

Interesting Facts about Bruce:

Bruce has been married to Lisa Rigoni Reeves for 17 years. His best canine friend is named Angus. Italian food and design is high on his list of the good things in life. Most important to Bruce is time with his wife and his friends.

Bruce attended Ohio State University for 2 years before transferring to the University of Georgia which he never attended. He then sat out of college for a year to become a resident of Georgia for tuition purposes. Bruce then attended Georgia State University. The final tally: 5 years in college over a 6 year period with 4 majors. Ohio State takes the penalty for retention, but Georgia State cannot claim him as Bruce was a transfer. Something is wrong with the way retention is counted.

An Example of Bruce's Work for ITSS:

Bruce meets with faculty members one-on-one as well as teaching workshops. He is involved with copyright, FERPA and any other issues affecting educational technology