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Information in archived ITSS news was current at publication time but may not reflect the present state of technology or ITSS.

News Briefs: 2009

Gateway repair service changes
01.19.09 For a number of years, ITSS staff have been providing warranty service for Gateway computers purchased through the UMD Computer Corner. As a program partner repair center, ITSS was reimbursed for most costs for parts and labor for all warranty work.
Recently, Gateway's Professional Division was purchased by MPC, which recently went out of business. Therefore, ITSS will no longer be able to provide free warranty services for Gateway computers. UMD is pursuing legal avenues in hopes of obtaining some funding to support this program.
In the meantime, ITSS, in conjunction with the UMD Computer Corner and several collegiate units, are working together to offer a short-term, limited repair service for our customers who purchased their Gateway computers through UMD.
For details of this service, including cost and time limitations, see: Gateway Repair Service.
SyncML/calendar application for the iPhone/iPod Touch
03.03.09: A recently released SyncML/calendar application for the iPhone/iPod Touch is available for purchase at the Apple App Store. Search the App Store for Synthesis or SyncML, and purchase Todo+Cal SyncML. View more information and the configuration guide at: Todo+Cal SyncML application.
Conficker worm update
04.01.09: Computer experts on Wednesday watched for an April Fools' Day computer worm to damage millions of infected computers. However, fears that the worm, called Conficker.c, would cause chaos with Windows-based machines worldwide appear to be unfounded. Read more at No problems so far as April Fools' computer worm awakens
Updated Gateway repair service
04.17.09 After an initial 3-month trial period, ITSS and the UMD Bookstore have re-evaluated our plan for Gateway repair service. For details of this service, including cost and time limitations, see: Gateway Repair Service.
Mulberry issues
04.27.09: On Friday (4/24/09) we had a problem with the Mulberry server settings that resulted in a number of people being unable to login to their email via Mulberry. If you are still having difficulties using Mulberry to access email, please call the Help Desk at 726-8847 and they will reset your Mulberry preferences. After that, you will need to reconfigure your Mulberry security settings. You will also need to recreate any custom settings, such as your signature.
As a reminder, Mulberry is an old product that no longer has any vendor support. ITSS supports a number of newer clients, such as Thunderbird, OSX Mail or Outlook, and you may wish to transition to one of these clients now. More information about these email clients is here: Email clients.
Addition to Gateway repair service
06.08.09 The UMD Medical School has joined CLA, CEHSP, and LSBE in UMD's short-term plan to subsidize Gateway repair service for UMD students. For details of this service, including cost and time limitations, see: Gateway Repair Service.
Changes in Adobe licensing
06.09.09 Beginning July 1, the Office of Information Technology (OIT) will implement changes to the ordering process and pricing of Adobe software purchases for all University of Minnesota department-owned computers. At that time, prices will increase and all Adobe software orders must be placed through the UMart Web site. For details, see: Licensed UTools List.
Six Big-Risk, Unpatched Applications to Fix Now
07.01.09: Not all applications on your computer have automatic updates enabled. When applications are left unpatched, they are at risk and make your computer very vulnerable for virus infections from the Internet. This can compromise your data and your processing power.
The six most recent high-risk applications are:
  • Adobe Reader
  • Adobe Flash
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Java
  • Microsoft Office
  • Quicktime
To find out if you need to fix any of the targeted applications, check the web site for Windows users or the web site for Mac users.
Teaching and Learning During a Pandemic
09.09.09: Overview session Friday, September 11 2009 from 1 PM to 2 PM in Voss Kovach Hall 221. According to UMD's Pandemic Influenza Response Plan: "The University will make all reasonable efforts to continue its teaching mission during an H1N1 influenza outbreak with the goal of enabling students to continue to make progress in their studies and to complete their academic programs i a timely manner. Instructors, individually and with their colleagues, should create strategies for instructor teaching and student learning to continue should student and/or instructor absenteeism increase possibly to levels that severely disrupt the teaching mission of the University."
For details, see: Teaching and Learning During a Pandemic.
Snow Leopard
09.14.09 Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard has been released. There are a number of University applications that are not compatible with this OS, including SPSS 17, Parallels, Norton Antivirus 10, and Novell. Because of these issues, ITSS is recommending that faculty and staff do not update their computers at this time. For details and additional incompatible applications, see: Mac OS X v10.6: About incompatible software.
Music alternatives
09.16.09 Looking for alternative, legal sources for online music and videos? Here are a few choices to get you started: Music & More.
Windows 7
10.21.09 Windows 7 is now available for purchase on new computers or for upgrading existing computers through the Campus Agreement. Before making the move, make sure you and your computer are ready. For the current status of support for Windows 7 within the University, see: Windows 7 Support.

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