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April 2011

Google Apps Transition
Given our positive experience so far, we expect all remaining users will have transitioned into Google Apps by the end of the fiscal year. Google Accessibility has been in the news recently and we are watching that issue carefully.
Active Directory Project
The Active Directory project is on pace for the UMD campus. This month we answer a few common questions.
ITSS Planning to Eliminate Modem Pool for Dial-Up Network Access
In response to University budget cuts, ITSS plans to eliminate our modem pool for dial-up network access effective July 1, 2011.
Classroom Technology Survey Results and VHS/DVD
As the result of changing technology and after gathering input from faculty in a recent survey, we expect that all DVD/VHS combo players will be be phased out of classrooms by Fall 2012.
Considering Holding Online Office Hours?
UMConnect and UMN Google Apps are two University system options for Web conferencing and collaboration.
IT Policy Update: Recommended Solutions
ITSS provides guidance about what we recommend you use, and what we will support, in our Recommended Solutions Policy.

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