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February 2011

Everyone into Google Apps by June 30, 2011
Given our positive experience so far, we expect all remaining users will have transitioned into Google Apps by the end of the fiscal year.
Google Calendar? UMCal? Which Do I Use?
UMCal, the University calendar, will be shut down this coming summer. You can export your UMCal information once and import the data into Google Calendar.
Active Directory Project Ramps Up
The move to Active Directory (AD) is progressing. The remaining groups on campus who have not yet moved, will be migrated to AD during spring semester and the summer.
Changes to Filtering Phish Email Messages
A new process now used for detecting phishing automatically tags messages with "[phish?]" in the subject line and relies on the user to determine whether it is a phish scheme or not.
Lyris, Enterprise ListManager
Lyris is the University's mass email system used to send messages to large audiences. It offers control over HTML and text and gives the opportunity to have branding, opt-out options, and attachments within the messages that are being sent out.
Web Server
It will soon be time for customers of our main web server to move from the current server to a new server. We are planning to move easy web sites starting soon, more complicated ones during the time frame of May - June 2011, and the most complicated sites July - August 2011.
WebVista to Moodle Transition Update
WebVista will be available through the end of next Spring semester 2012. But the planning to transition to Moodle 2.x will begin this semester.
IT Policy Update
ITSS has updated our Policy on Computer System and Network Down Time.
Spotlight on: Adam Moren
Each month ITSS highlights a different member of the staff to let you get to know some of the great people who are working "behind the scenes" to make technology work for our campus. This month the spotlight is on Adam Moren.

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