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March 2011

Nine Weeks left for Remaining Users to Move into Google Apps

Since we began the process in October, 2010, over 7,850 UMD users have made the switch (More than 55% of the campus). The transition has been smooth for the vast majority of users. Less than 200 Help Desk tickets were generated for google issues and only about 200 users took advantage of our weekly training sessions. With UMCal being shut down at the end of the fiscal year, enterprise calendar users will need to be opted in to use Google Calendar. Given our positive experience thus far, we expect to get all remaining users into Google Apps by the end of the fiscal year. We have asked remaining legacy email users to make the transition by the end of the semester, May 13th, 2011.

We are still working on a process to move departmental accounts and we are expecting a solution very soon to accommodate units who work with protected health information. Once we have all current accounts moved into the Google Domain, we will be able to turn our attention to alumni and retirees. The Google Transition Team really appreciates the help we have received from all of our partners on campus and we look forward to working with the remaining users on a similarly smooth transition.

For opt in reports, technical how-tos, and general information, please visit our Google Apps for the University of Minnesota Duluth or call the Help Desk at 726-8847. Feel free to contact with any questions or concerns.

ITSS staff have begun the next phase of the Active Directory project: moving faculty and staff Windows workstations from Novell to Active Directory. (Macintosh computers are not being added to the domain at this time, but will have access to data on the Active Directory servers.) During February, close to 200 computers in College of Education and Human Service Professions (CEHSP) were added to the Active Directory domain. ITSS staff are in the process of migrating the data from our Novell servers to the new Active Directory servers for CEHSP departments. For the full timeline please consult the Active Directory Migration Schedule.

A few key findings so far:

For assistance with upgrading your computer prior to moving to Active Directory, or other questions about the Active Directory project, please contact the ITSS Help Desk at 726-8847.

ITSS and CLA Staff to Present at EDUCAUSE

For a number of years, ITSS has been working toward improved collaboration with other Information Technology professionals on campus. From monthly meetings with Academic Technologists and other units, to shared access to our problem/project reporting system, we have found a great deal of success planning and implementing technology with campus partners.

On March 14th, Sally Bradt and Jason Davis, ITSS Managers, will co-present with Peter Angelos, Information Technology Director from College of Liberal Arts (CLA). The presentation is: "Effective Change Management: Concurrent Rollout of Google Apps and Active Directory at UMD" and will take place at the EDUCAUSE Midwest Regional Conference in Chicago. The three are excited to share how they planned and began implementation for two major technology changes during in the same academic year.

More information about the EDUCAUSE conference in general and this presentation in particular visit Effective Change Management: Concurrent Rollout of Google Apps and Active Directory at UMD.

Guidelines on Social Networking

The Educational Policy Committee's Subcommittee on Information Technology and Library has drafted Guidelines on Social Networking to further campus discussion and learning about the issues that surround the use of these online sites. This set of guidelines is still under review. Please send any comments, concerns, or suggestions for improvement to the Educational Policy Committee's Subcommittee on Information Technology and Library.

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