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May 2011

Google Apps Transition
If you are among the remaining faculty and staff who are not already in Google Apps, we encourage to make the transition as soon as you can. Automated migrations from legacy email into Google Apps will begin after Spring Semester.
Active Directory Project
We have continued working with collegiate units to add their faculty and staff workstations to Active Directory services (AD). During the summer months, we expect to move an additional 750 or more Windows workstations into AD for the remaining units on campus.
Secure Wireless
ITSS is testing a new on-campus secure wireless service (UMD-Secure) this spring. The secure wireless network provides the best security for your laptop or handheld device.
Long Distance Caller-ID
A new phone service, along with phone system changes, now allows us to send Caller-ID with each call.
Moodle 1.9 to 2.x Transition Timeline Change
The Twin Cities campus is making Moodle 1.9 available to run along side Moodle 2.x in Spring semester 2012.
Policy on Public Records: Guidelines for Email
In case you are wondering how the University and the State of Minnesota view your text messages, voicemail messages, emails, and other electronic communications, the UM Office of Records and Information Management and the UM Office of General Counsel have provided a policy.

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