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March 2012

Lyris, Enterprise ListManager
During the past year, ITSS has been consulting and training on a method of sending mass email to the campus using an Enterprise tool called Lyris.
Email SpamAssassin
In addition to using the "Report Spam" option within Gmail, UMD email customers may turn on SpamAssassin to reduce the number of junk messages they receive.
Public Printing Payment Changes
During Spring Semester 2012, we will replace our current Debitek cash-to-card system with new technology. We expect it to be easy to use and to have added security and convenience.
Lab Software to be Updated
ITSS will be updating our computer lab build for fall 2012 to reflect actual software that you use in coursework. We ask for your help in identifying what those programs are.
Google Apps Updates
Nearly 94,000 University of Minnesota accounts are now in Google Apps, including over 16,000 UMD accounts.
When You Want to Share Your Work but Copyright Gets in the Way
Creative Commons allows licensing of work to others, while not not relinquishing rights under copyright law.
Policy Update: Creating, Storing, and Linking Pages to the UMD Web Site
The UMD Policy on Creating, Storing, and Linking Pages to the UMD Web Site has been updated.
Spotlight on Trish Crace
It is with great pleasure that we announce the addition of a new staff member to our group. Trish Crace has joined ITSS as the new Faculty and TechCenter Support Specialist.
ITSS By The Numbers
Ten Years Ago in ITSS

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