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November 2012

Windows 8 Available
Windows 8 is now available for purchase on new computers and is available for upgrades on University-owned computers. Before purchasing or upgrading, you should note a few items.
Whatever Happened to Tech Camp?
Tech Camp 16 will be offered spring semester as primarily an online course.
911 Emergency Dialing
Updates have been made to ensure 911 calls are routed in the shortest possible time. Learn what you should do if you inadvertently dial 911.
Multi-Sensory Approach to Learning With Assistive Technology
Kurzweil 3000 is an assistive technology (AT) program designed to provide a multi-sensory approach to learning via visual and auditory feedback.
Database Server Upgrade
Our main database server ( will be upgraded January 7, 2013.
ePortfolio Update
ePortfolio has been a valuable tool. However, times and circumstances have changed requiring the evaluation of new options.
Policy Update: UMD Technology Competency Plan
The Subcommittee on Information Technology and Library of the Educational Policy Committee completed a revision of the UMD Technology Competency Plan (including Mission, Vision, Goals, and Competencies).
Microsoft Home Use Program Now Available for Faculty and Staff
University of Minnesota faculty and staff are eligible to participate in Microsoft's Home Use Program.
Mac OS X 10.8 Upgrade Available for UMN-Owned Apple Computers
The University of Minnesota has acquired Apple OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) upgrade licenses for all University-owned Apple computers system wide, and the upgrade is now available for download.
ITSS By The Numbers
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