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April 2013

Library 410 an Evolutionary Active Learning Classroom
Library 410 seamlessly combines all aspects of a modern active learning classroom with state-of-the-art video conferencing capabilities.
ITSS Help Desk Provides Triage and Quick Fixes
Although the Help Desk is able to answer many questions directly, their primary role is to triage problems and assign them to the ITSS staff member or team best qualified to solve them.
Faculty Evaluations
New software allows processing evaluations three times faster and with better reports. Learn how to make sure yours are processed smoothly and accurately.
Multimedia Hub in High Demand
The demand for the Hub's services continues to grow.
Cash-to-Card UCard Payment Program
ITSS is working locally with the Business Office, Library, Auxiliary Services, UMD Stores, and Chemistry to upgrade to a new technology for campus cash.
Communities of Practice
IT professionals at UMD have increasingly taken part in opportunities to have a voice in system priorities and implementation of information technology via communities of practice.
Inclusive IT Procurement
When buying hardware or software for university use, it is good practice to ask vendors specific questions regarding accessibility and utilize University of Minnesota sample vendor contract language when appropriate.
Recycling Computer Equipment on Campus
Did you know that all media (hard drives, CDs, DVDs) that is being recycled MUST be securely wiped and documented before disposal? And that media that may contain highly restricted data must also be physically destroyed before recycling?
UMD-Guest Wireless Access Restricted to Web-Only
Effective Wednesday, March 20, UMD-Guest wireless service is restricted to web-only access of non-authenticated services.
Google Update
An opt-in deadline for alumni and retirees has been reached; a new application (App) and blog are offered; and our domain remains secure.
Policy Review: Digital Signage
If you are considering a digital sign for your area, please be aware of our campus Policy on Digital Signage.
ITSS By The Numbers
Ten Years Ago in ITSS

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