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February 2013

New Format for Tech Camp 16
Twenty-two faculty members will be embarking on a new format for Tech Camp - a 10 week, online experience based on the standards for a two credit class.
New Managers in ITSS
ITSS has hired Chuck Bosell and Kevin Wu as our two new managers. They will be starting in their new roles on February 18.
Web Accessibility Overview
What does "Web Accessibility" really mean? Why is it that some people are unable to use certain web sites - and whose job is it to provide access? How can you learn more?
Touch Accessibility for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Due to advances in screen reader technology, voice controls, gesture functionality, and add-on applications some touch devices can offer an inclusive experience for the blind and visually impaired.
Social Engineering
A video on a research and education organization's site explains what social engineering is, gives several common examples, and offers simple steps to protect yourself against it.
Infrastructure Improvements
ITSS staff completed two major infrastructure improvements on January 5.
AD: SCCM Updates for Flash, Firefox, Thunderbird, Oracle
On January 23 several updates were made to active directory client computers.
Google Appointment Slots (Updated)
Google has reversed course on their decision to shut down appointment slots and will continue to support them in Calendar for all Google Apps for Business, Education and Government customers.
New Twin Ports Area SAS Users Group
A new Statistical Analysis System (SAS) users group has been formed in the Duluth-Superior area.
Policy Update: Captioning Video
The UMD campus policy on captioning video explains how we should view the requirements to caption video in order to provide equal access to video resources.
ITSS By The Numbers
Ten Years Ago in ITSS

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