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March 2013

New Design for UMD Web Site
ITSS, in collaboration with the Office of External Affairs and the Campus Web Committee, is preparing for a new and improved UMD web site. We encourage units to improve content and avoid spending effort or funding on design until the campus design becomes available.
Classroom Exams Taken Online in Moodle
In nearly all cases classroom exams can be taken online in Moodle without issue. The exceptions are most large lecture halls.
Self-Service Internet Password Reset
Faculty and staff can now use the self-service online password reset system.
Aleeha's Accessibility Story
In the video, Aleeha's Accessibility Story, a zoology major at Miami University who is blind and is studying to be a veterinarian speaks to how new accessible technology has impacted her life and gives some uplifting advice.
Mobile Accessibility
Traditional web accessibility and its best practices are influencing mobile design and can result in universality.
Chrome Extension May Help Improve Google Docs Accessibility
A new Read&Write extension for Google's Chrome browser may be useful to some people with print disabilities, especially those with learning disabilities (cognitive) disorders. It may also be a tool for people that need a little extra help with their writing.
The Latest Scam
Recently an email scam circulated on campus which involved Google Drive. It appeared to come from someone known to the user, so it was tempting to respond.
Power Management for AD Computers
System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) power management provides a set of tools and resources that we can use to manage and monitor the power consumption of computers on Active Directory.
Regional Network Improves
UMD is an anchor tenant of the Northeast Service Cooperative (NESC) ARRA Broadband Network.
Email Etiquette
Being mindful of email etiquette is a courtesy, which can help tame everyone's in-box.
Policy Update: Secure Data Deletion and Secure Disposal of Equipment
Properly dispose of computers and electronic devices that will no longer be used.
New Managers in ITSS
ITSS hired Chuck Bosell and Kevin Wu as two new managers.
ITSS By The Numbers
Ten Years Ago in ITSS

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