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October 2013

Emergency Notification System Enhancements
New TXT-U features now allow us to send emergency messages to social media such as Facebook and Twitter.
Faculty Fellows Offer Opportunities
Interested in teaching online and/or using technology to enhance teaching? Eve Browning and Abram Anders are working one-on-one and with groups of faculty.
Using TurnItIn? Have an iPad?
From obtaining originality reports to using a grading rubric a new TurnItIn iPad app enables a number of functions in Moodle.
10 Web Accessibility Tips
If you are a Web content author, designer, or developer pick up some tips to make your work more inclusive to all.
Beta Testing the New UMD-Secure Wireless
Join the new Beta Bulldogs testers group and help test UMD-secure wireless.
ePortfolio Replacement Project
ePortfolio has been a valuable tool. However, times and circumstances have changed requiring the evaluation of new options.
A New Process to Track Changes
ITSS has established a change management process to track, authorize, and document changes in order to increase service quality and reduce risks.
New ITSS Staff Member: Gregory Mattsen
ITSS has added a staff member to our system administration team.
Policy Update: Guidelines for Announcements
Follow these guidelines to help improve the quality of large email lists such as and minimize the amount of unwanted email.
ITSS By The Numbers
Ten Years Ago in ITSS