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May 2014

New Accessibility Task Force Formed
On April 9, 2014, Chancellor Black created a new UMD Task Force on Accessibility to provide recommendations about Web-based assignment and assessment products and to review the accessibility and equitable use of the UMD Website.
Celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day May 15
Discover what Accessibility Awareness Day is and check out over 30 ways you can celebrate it.
Moodle 2.6 Coming for Academic Year 2014-2015
UMN has been updating its version of Moodle every academic year, and Moodle 2.6 will be the version for academic year 2014-2015.
Campus Telephone Changes
Internet Protocol phones are increasingly being deployed across UMD.
School of Medicine Infrastructure Upgrades
ITSS and the School of Medicine are currently working with Facilities Management and our low-voltage contractor to update the telecomm and network infrastructure in the School of Medicine.
Virtual Testing Cluster
ITSS will be re-purposing old hardware for new testing tasks.
Read&Write Gold Tools, Part 3: Study Skills and Research
Learn about Fact Mapper, Study Skills Highlighters, and Vocabulary List Builder in part 3 of the Read&Write Gold tools series.
Spotlight on ITSS Staff: Linda Deneen
Periodically ITSS highlights staff members to let you get to know some of the great people who work to make technology work for our campus. Let's shine the light on Linda Deneen, Director of ITSS.
Spotlight on ITSS Staff: Greg Gustafson
Greg has been providing service to the campus for over 29 years, through special research projects, teaching, and working as a systems administrator and programmer with ITSS.
Spotlight on ITSS Staff: Roger Petry
For over 42 years Roger Petry has devotedly served UMD in a variety of capacities.
Change Approval Board (CAB)
Last December, ITSS instituted a new change management process which includes a Change Approval Board, or CAB for short.
Policy Update: Procedures for UMD Server Management
The purpose of Procedures for UMD Server Management is to describe special requirements for server management that apply on the UMD campus.
ITSS By The Numbers: Student Computing Team
The ITSS Student Computing Team designs, implements, manages and improves ITSS funded student computing areas, which include Macintosh and Windows full access labs, and general access computing areas.
Ten Years Ago in ITSS: Portable ITV Unit Expanded Service on Campus
A decade ago we obtained the capability to create portable "quality of service" (QoS) Internet connections.