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infotech.NEWS: September 2015

ITSS has experience in audits and can help other UMD units who are working through the process.

3-D cartoon: Inspector figure examining a question mark with a magnifying glass.

One of the ways the University assures legal and policy compliance is by conducting regular internal audits. ITSS has been the subject of an audit in recent years as well as a partner with other UMD units who are working to resolve technology-related aspects of their audits.

Thanks to the tremendous efforts of many ITSS staff, all audit findings for the ITSS audit from December 2013 were officially closed out this month. Many of our practices and policies are now more secure because of the audit, but not without a huge effort.

ITSS is now well positioned to partner with other UMD units who are working through audits with technology-related findings. We are in various stages with several units on campus now, and we welcome the opportunity to work with your unit, if and when you need us.

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