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Gearing up for Windows 10

infotech.NEWS: September 2015

The ITSS End User Support Team plans to be ready to fully support Windows 10 campus wide starting January 2016.

Logo: Windows 10Released July 28th 2015, Windows 10 is the latest Operating System from Microsoft. It is currently being shipped on all new retail PC’s. Students who have purchased a new machine after the July release date will have Windows 10 pre-installed. Additionally, personal computers with Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 are being offered a free upgrade to Windows 10 during the first year.

ITSS will still be utilizing Windows 7 as the standard for the remainder of Fall semester. We are currently working in coordination with OIT to develop a standard Windows 10 image. ITSS Labs will also remain on Windows 7 for the time being. There are over 150 software titles that will need to be tested and verified to ensure all are compatible with Windows 10.

For those early adopters out there, Windows 10 is available for download from the OIT website. We strongly encourage you to have a good backup of all your data before converting to Windows 10 Enterprise. We have also been alerted to privacy and security concerns surrounding Windows 10, specifically relating to a virtualized personal assistant called Cortana. Similar to Siri for the Apple, Cortana will use the Bing search engine and data stored on the user's device to make personalized recommendations. Both ITSS and OIT are working to fully understand and mitigate these risks.

Additionally, ITSS is working on utilizing our existing Beta Bulldogs group to bring together a group of early adopters interested in testing Windows 10. ITSS will work with the user to determine if they are a good test case, and help create backups of their data in the event that they wish to revert back to their previous OS. More information will be coming soon, so please stay tuned.

In summary, Windows 10 is not perfect. It wasn't meant to be. All it needed to be was better than Windows 8.1, which in ITSS End User Support Team's opinion it is. Desktop, keyboard and mouse users will benefit from the improved user interface. We plan to be ready to fully support Windows 10 campus wide starting January 2016.

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