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Qualtrics for Online Surveys

infotech.NEWS: October 2015

Need to create a survey? All faculty, staff, and students can use Qualtrics, the University of Minnesota's primary survey tool.

As explained in an IT@UMN newsletter article,

Qualtrics, the University of Minnesota's primary online survey tool, is available at no cost to U of M students, faculty, and staff. Offering creation, distribution and data analysis functions as well as advanced capabilities for experimental research, Qualtrics is the recommended survey tool by the University of Minnesota.

"Qualtrics provides a professional-grade service to active University students, faculty and staff at no direct cost," said Shelly Wymer, University of Minnesota Assistant Director of the Office of Measurement Services. "Its survey and research capabilities, along with its usability and security features, make it the industry-leading provider of online survey software."

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