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infotech.NEWS: November 2015

Enhanced network performance for students, faculty, and staff is the result of the ITSS Network Team's work over the past year.

Upgrades in several buildings not only provide faster wired connections but also enhance wireless coverage and add network redundancy.

Symbol: Wireless NetworkOn campus ABAH and BohH are the latest buildings to be completed with a new wireless design and structure. The upgrade also prepares these buildings to be converted to our new phone system, Aura. Aura will replace our current outdated system and enable the campus to use Internet Protocol (IP) phones. In this new system your computer and phone will share just one network jack increasing efficiency and minimizing costs.

As we see a decreasing use of traditional hard-wired connections in the residence halls, the need for robust wireless is apparent. To address this need, during the summer of 2015 the Network Team redesigned and upgraded wireless in Oakland, Junction, and Goldfine Apartments. Wireless experiences are now greatly improved in those areas with an increased number of wireless access points.

The Network Team will continue to work to improve service with planned enhancements to the Food Court, Griggs Hall, and MWAH. If you are aware of any dead zones or low coverage areas that have high demand for wireless, please report the specifics to the ITSS TechCenter Help Desk (x8847).

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