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Improve Accessibility: Microsoft Word

infotech.NEWS: November 2015

Short for time but still want to increase your accessibility knowledge? Learn techniques and concepts for making Microsoft Word documents inclusive with a great series of 2 to 5 minutes videos.

Logo: Microsoft Word

The following videos, created by the Microsoft Accessibility Team, provide key information for increasing document accessibility.

Topics include:

  1. Overview (1.39 minutes)
  2. Document Naming (3.52 minutes)
  3. Heading and Styles (4.19 minutes)
  4. Lists (2.40 minutes)
  5. Columns (2.39 minutes)
  6. Tables (2.39 minutes)
  7. Languages (2.41 minutes)
  8. Links (3.20 minutes)
  9. Alt Text (5.06 minutes)
  10. Joining the Accessibility Community (1.27 minutes)

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