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UMD's Bandwidth Capacity Increases 50%

infotech.NEWS: December 2015

ITSS continues work to upgrade campus bandwidth for improved user experience.

Icon: BandwidthUMD's demand for bandwidth to the Internet has continued to grow this fall. Our primary path, which had a capacity of 2 gigabits per second (Gbps) at the beginning of the semester, was regularly reaching its maximum at peak usage times throughout a day. Congestion can lead to slow downloads, low-definition and buffering video, and ultimately a poor user experience.

During the first week of November, ITSS worked with network engineers from Twin Cities campus as well as the State of MN to address this issue. A solution was put in place, which increased our capacity by 50%, from 2 to 3Gbps. Looking further ahead, a new 10Gbps solution is in the works that will give UMD plenty of breathing room for the near future. The 10 gigabit solution is dependent on a new fiber optic connection with the State of Minnesota and is expected to be ready some time after the New Year.

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