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Sports and Health Center Rewire Project

infotech.NEWS: December 2015

The SpHC wiring upgrade has begun. It will result in faster connections to the desktop and conversion from analog to IP telephones.

Sports and Health Center (SpHC) is the next building in line on ITSS list for a network wiring upgrade. Recent rewire projects include NRRI (Spring 2015) and the School of Medicine building (2014). The goal of the project is to bring all network cabling up to current standards, allowing for faster connections to the desktop and conversion from analog to Internet Protocol (IP) telephones.

The project has already started with a needs-analysis meeting between building occupants, Facilities Management, and ITSS that clarified needs, scope, and logistics. The next step will be a walk-through of all rooms in SpHC to identify current locations of network jacks and how they connect back to the network closets. The walk-through is slated to start on Monday, December 7th and should be completed by the end of the week.

The first section of the building to be rewired will be the Department of Applied Human Sciences, rooms 101-117 and rooms above that area. This work is expected to be completed during the Winter Break in January. Sections to follow include the basement, locker rooms, and Intercollegiate Athletics offices on first and second floors. As each section is completed, staff in those areas will receive their new IP phones and training. In addition as part of the rewire project ITSS will be installing more wireless hubs to improve WiFi coverage in varsity locker rooms, exercise areas, the pool area, and the running track.

Photograph: Wiring Workers Busy at Work

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