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April/May 2015

Upgrade Update
What's the latest scoop on the Upgrade? Signs are positive. Work is getting done. Issues are being resolved. And milestones lie ahead.
Casper Suite
ITSS is currently developing a new service for the campus to provide enhanced support for Apple technologies using Casper Suite software. Casper is a comprehensive enterprise management solution for the Apple platform, including both OSX and iOS devices.
UMD Phone Systems Migrating to Avaya Aura
Our Nortel telephone systems will reach End-of-Support in 2018. Nortel systems are migrating to the Avaya Aura platform to protect over $1.5 million in current investment.
New Access Control Process
A process to grant and control access rights to systems and applications has been developed by ITSS.
Network Virtualization in the Data Center
ITSS is beginning to virtualize the network within the virtual server infrastructure, which will lead to a more secure and agile data center.
Correcting YouTube Auto-Captions
YouTube auto-captions are often such poor quality that content is not accurately communicated to people who depend on captions such as the Deaf and hard of hearing. Auto-captions should be corrected to be precise and provide equal access. A redeeming aspect of auto-captions is that they can be used as a starting point for captioning your own videos. The Multimedia Hub is available to assist you in providing videos inclusive to all.
Improve Accessibility: Google Documents
Google Documents lack key accessibility functionality and should be used with caution as the software currently is not inclusive to all people. However, some methods exist for you to improve its accessibility.
Why Does it Say [Warning: Phish?] in My Email Subject Line?
The prefix [Warning: Phish?] on an email subject line helps to alert you of a possible scam. It is added to a message, which is suspected of being an unsolicited email that could lure you in and prompt you to provide valuable personal and financial information.
Who's Using My Gmail?!
Ever wondered if someone else was using your Gmail account? Did you know that Gmail gives you a tool to check on this very thing? It's called "Last Account Activity" and it's available to every Gmail user.
Please Fill Out the IT Input Survey
It's time again to spread the word about the IT Input Survey. We hope that you will fill out the survey and join us in encouraging students, faculty, and staff to do so as well.
ITSS Award Winners
ITSS staff members Debbie Wing and Matt Johnsted have been recognized for outstanding service and special contributions. A group of staff were honored for their significant contributions toward the Enterprise System Upgrade Project (ESUP).