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February 16, 2015

Drupal Update - February 2015
The School of Fine Arts site has been launched. A list of who will go in next has been identified. Dreamweaver templates have been developed. A process for coordinating with external consultants is in place. And training is available.
ESUP (Enterprise Systems Upgrade Program)
The Upgrade of PeopleSoft systems is planned for April.
The Evolution of Wireless Networking at UMD
Campus wireless needs have changed over the years and ITSS continues to improve service.
7 Things You Should Know About IT Accessibility
This quick read from EDUCAUSE provides essential information on accessibility, including potential implications and opportunities.
Web Accessibility Training
Here's your chance to learn Web accessibility with instructor-led online courses. The UMD Accessibility Task Force recommends that all UMD developers complete this training, which covers key areas of accessible Web development.
Staff Update
We are pleased to announce that we have recently hired Rebecca (Becky) Nelson into an End User Support staff role. After joining ITSS in a temporary position last fall, Becky started full time with ITSS in January.